Thursday, August 18, 2011

Orange Leaf Dispenses a Fun Time and Frozen Yogurt

The Happy Interior at Orange Leaf
      Entering the Orange Leaf frozen yogurt store in Kenwood felt like walking onto the set of a kid's TV show.  The colors and glitz pack a punch as you're drawn into the world of creating your own dessert.  The flavor stations line up across a shimmering tiled wall offering single flavors, or twists that have been paired to aid in the decision-making.  

      We were greeted by a staff member and directed to the back wall for bowls and yogurt dispensing.  Eric opted for a bowl with a waffle cone shell.  There were assorted flavors from the traditional vanilla and chocolate to cotton candy and fruits.  The intensity of the flavors also had a wide range, especially with the fruits.  They all tasted natural, lending themselves to the topping bar made up of fresh fruits, candies, nuts, syrups, and more.  Also offered were bobas: tapioca pearls filled with fruit flavors that explode in your mouth. 

Our Very Own Creations
      One note of caution: the bowls come in two sizes, large and extra large.  They fill up fast and since the price is per ounce (currently 49¢), your final amount could be a shocker.  Also, Eric usually likes a waffle cone, but felt that it didn't really add anything in this instance.  Fortunately, it didn't weigh much either.

      It's a fun place and a good escape...if only while you're finishing your very own creation. And, it's open until 11pm daily for when you need something sweet as a nightcap.

I wouldn't mind a visit to Orange Leaf before I hit the sack at night.

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