Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Butterflies of Brazil Flutter at Krohn Conservatory

I love nature!  That's why it's important to me that I get out and walk about each day.  I can't wait for our garden to start blooming and attract my butterfly friends.

     Tropical butterflies have emerged for the 16th annual show at the Krohn Conservatory in Eden Park.  This year the elusive insects come to us from Brazil, the "greenest" country on earth, and this is a theme that is emphasized in the exhibit.

      Guests are routed through the Desert House and Orchid Room, passing by the Butterfly Nursery where they hatch and unfold before being released in the Showroom.  The tour continues through the Bonsai Gallery with photographs and collections from Brazil, and an education area for kids to create art from recycled materials. From there, enter the Butterfly Showroom where the fragile creatures flutter and entertain.  The setting is tropical, and while it is not one of Krohn's finest displays, it's not important as the butterflies are the center of attention.  Plan to linger for a while and examine closely those camouflaged in the foliage and snacking on oranges.  There's more sights and sounds from the Brazilian Carnival in the Sambadrome as you leave the butterflies behind.  

      There's still more to see in the permanent collections in the Palm and Fern Houses, and you'll find some unique items in the gift shop.  Outside, be sure and explore the floral clock across the street and the newly landscaped areas surrounding the conservatory.  

The exhibit runs daily through June 26 with several special events throughout.  Visit the website for more information and a $1 off coupon.

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