Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Applewood in Aurora, IN,—a Stop Between Casino Hopping

Dexter is ready for spring
I heard Neil telling Eric that he was going to the casino with his family for an overnighter.  I knew that meant I would be out most of the day.  We were having a warm break from the cold weather so maybe some of my friends will be outside too.  I've really missed seeing them over the winter.

       My sister, two nieces, and nephew came down from Columbus for a visit and trip to the casinos a few weeks ago.  We had spent a couple of hours at Hollywood Casino and were going on to Grand Victoria to spend the night.  On the way, we stopped for dinner at The Applewood in Aurora, IN.
We had a meal there two years ago in June when we ate in the spacious and pleasant tree-covered outdoor dining area on a bank overlooking the Ohio River.  There is also a deck on the second floor of the 19th-century establishment that affords an elevated view.  That visit was memorable mostly for the mayflies that were in the fields and, at times, around our table at dusk.  It was a fascinating evening of nature, but I wouldn't recommend it as a regular coupling.  On this particular night, the weather dictated an indoor experience.  The lobby is spacious and welcoming and the five of us were able to become quite familiar with it, as we were not immediately greeted.  In fact, it appeared they were understaffed and the wait was more than a few minutes.  When the hostess came through, she was on her way to another dining room with some entrées.  She acknowledged our wait and came back to seat us in a cozy room in the original building with large windows and a fireplace.  It was getting dark so the view was pretty nonexistent.  It appeared our server was also.  She was busy and had the room of six tables on her own, which was not what one would call unmanageable.  The hostess returned, apologized, and brought our drinks and asked for our orders.  From then on, things seemed to run much smoother and faster with the hostess as our server.

      The menu is varied but not extraordinary with the likes of ribs, steaks, pot roast, pastas, and fried seafood.  We were in the mood for basic so our meals consisted of soups, salads, and sandwiches.  My sister had the day's flavorful chicken and wild rice soup, which was extremely thick to the point of appearing like an entrée.  
Blackened Chicken Sandwich
She paired that with a house salad that looked slightly above average.  The rest of us settled on a hamburger, grilled cheese, blackened chicken, and pulled pork.  My niece's blackened chicken sandwich was not.  It may have had some seasoning on it, but no sign of blackening.  My pulled pork was tender with a sweet sauce.  That's the way I like my sauce, so I was pleased.  The sandwiches came with chips or an upgrade of fries.  

Pulled Pork Sandwich
We were focused on our continued bout at the casino boat, so we passed on dessert and I therefore cannot comment on what they had to offer or the taste.  Based on the rest of the menu, I would say they are middle-of-the-road.  All in all, the best experience at The Applewood would be early spring and mid-to-late summer and fall when you can relax on the outdoor patio and deck and enjoy a view of the beautiful Ohio. 

The Applewood is located at 215 Judiciary Street in Aurora, IN
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