Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Hunt for a Decent Deli

I heard Neil arranging to meet a former coworker for lunch.  It was a warm but day so that would give me a chance to meet my friends outdoors.  Neil thankfully put me out when he left.  He knew I was in the mood to explore.  

      I met Cheryl for lunch and she said to tell you "hi". 
      "Where did you go?"
      "Oh, it was this place called the Decent Deli."
      "How was it and what did you have?"

Pastrami Reuben and Potato Pancake
      "They have quite a selection of reubens, so we both ordered the pastrami one.  It was on our table faster than Wendy's and piled high on thick rye bread that was soft and obviously fresh.  The pastrami was quite tasty, but Cheryl was wrestling a bit with keeping her sandwich together.  She had been there before and preferred the classic corned beef version.  Her side of slaw was a little tasteless and needed a lot more seasoning.  Slaw is like chili—everyone's tastes different.  This was not to either of our likings.  I had the potato pancake, a much better choice in my opinion.  It was large and crisp, although I did need to cut it with a knife.  Our server continued to be efficient and friendly.  The storefront deli is basic inside with chrome chairs, Formica® topped tables, and photos of their specialties on the wall.  The soups looked particularly tempting and are obviously a favorite of many patrons.  There were three choices that day.  
      Cheryl needed some dessert to get her through the day.  Baklava, carrot cake, and cheesecake were listed.  I asked if they made any of them and the reply was "no".  Not expecting much, we ordered the baklava to share.  It looked rather dry on arrival, but surprised us by being fairly moist.  Another
wise choice."
      "So would you recommend it?" asked Eric.
      "It's a decent place. And after all, that's all they're claiming to be...a Decent Deli."

The Decent Deli is located in Blue Ash at 11144 Kenwood Road in a plaza at the corner of Cornell and Kenwood.
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