Monday, March 7, 2011

Atlanta’s Buckhead Diner – Come for the Scene and Stay for the Food

Eric couldn't wait to revisit the Buckhead Diner last week while he was away.  It's sorta like when I return to a place where I had a memorable hunt.  Well,—not really.

      Judy and I ate at The Buckhead Diner (3073 Piedmont Road NE) a few years back at the same conference we attended last week.  Neil had tipped me off about it back then and we really enjoyed the lunch we had so we decided to return.  It’s not really a ‘diner’; it’s more of a dining car restaurant.  Imagine riding on the 20th Century sometime in the 1940s or early 1950s and being served by a white jacketed, black tied serving staff with Swiss timing precision.  Yes, they advertise a forty-five minute three-course lunch online and they’re more than ready to prove it.  However, part of the fun is the people watching for those of us from out of town.  This is not really a tourist or family lunch restaurant.  It’s an elegant, but unpretentious, gathering spot for business people, conventioneers in the know, ladies who lunch, Buckhead shoppers, and others dropping by on a whim.  

      This is another Atlanta restaurant where the portions are large and everything is pretty much made on the premises.  It’s upscale diner food perfectly prepared and presented.  Judy felt like a hamburger and was taken aback by its size when it appeared.  I had the BLTE on crisp sourdough.  All the fixings came with both sandwiches (and they’re fine with a substitution) along with homemade kettle fries, lightly salted and with a hint of vinegar (I thought).  The staff kindly boxed the breadsticks and the jalapeño cream corn muffins.  The award-winning banana cream pie is a tart crust filled with French cream custard and topped by banana and shaved white chocolate.  I forgot to take a picture of the dessert because I just went for it so quickly.

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