Saturday, January 11, 2014

A January Night in Downtown Cincinnati

The Aronoff Center with Reflections from the 21C,
Prints from the Birthday Series by Vee Speers
      With months of anticipation after ordering tickets, The Book Of Mormon opened at the Aronoff Center.  It's everything you might have heard, but what you may not expect to see is a
sweetly relative modern story that is a book musical reminiscent of those from the early 60's.  

Morpheus by Kehinde Wiley
      It was snowing when we left the theater, so we decided to stop by the 21C Museum Hotel to check out their current exhibit.  After last year's contentious opening, this offering hits all angles of contemporary art.  At the center of the show in the lobby are two paintings by Kehinde Wiley.  The largest piece of his that we've seen to date, Morpheus, dominates the space.  Wiley's unusual combinations of African American youth in street clothes, fabrics, and historical European portrait painting techniques make for a showing that has made him one of the most sought after artists of his day.

Self Portrait with Goya by Albano Afonso
Surrounded by other impressive pieces and installations, Albano Afonso's Self Portrait with Goya employs similar creative thought as Wiley by overlaying prints with perforations to combine the two together visually.
Dinner for Two
by Rachel Lee Hovnanian
Dinner for Two, by Rachel Lee Hovnanian, is a poignant view of how technology has influenced our social interactions.  It will hit too close to home for many viewers.

      The second floor hasn't changed much since the opening, but is still worth a second look.  And there's always our beautiful downtown!

I want that mouse!
Carew Tower from Fountain Square

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